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    Adobe Launch: Rule to Capture ID for a Clicked Checkbox

    eham06-2R6lso Level 1

      I have a series of check boxes. See source HTML below.

      When the checkbox is clicked, I want Adobe Launch to capture the "id" and push into Adobe Analytics which clicked without having to wait for a pageload.

      I have configured a rule to capture "id" for element "input" on mouse click.

      However, the rule captures the 1st element "input" not the "input" which was clicked.

      How do you configure a rule to capture the id for a clicked checkbox?

      Can this be done without custom Javascript?


      <input type="checkbox" id="Return3year" name="performance_returnsThreeYears" class=" skitchen-menu-input" value="performance_returnsThreeYears" data-bind="checked: orders().indexOf(&quot;performance_returnsThreeYears&quot;) >= 0">

      <input type="checkbox" id="Return5year" name="performance_returnsFiveYears" class=" skitchen-menu-input" value="performance_returnsFiveYears" data-bind="checked: orders().indexOf(&quot;performance_returnsFiveYears&quot;) >= 0">

      <input type="checkbox" id="Return10year" name="performance_returnsTenYears" class=" skitchen-menu-input" value="performance_returnsTenYears" data-bind="checked: orders().indexOf(&quot;performance_returnsTenYears&quot;) >= 0">