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    Need solutions for live data in Flex?

    EvolvedDSM Level 2
      I've developed a handful of flex apps that haven't required data to be updated in live-time, but now I'm faced with a project that requires data to be shown "live" over 3-5 PCs. So if one PC makes a change in a datagrid, the other PCs will see this change without having to refresh/reload the app.

      Locally I've been playing around with FDS and it does do what I want, however, I have no clue how to implement this on a windows server. We do have ColdFusion on our server though, is there something ColdFusion can do (possibly with FDS) to make data live?

      I'd also be interested in any articles that discuss getting live data from flex if anyone has it. I've googled several things but none of it seems to be too helpful or what I'm looking for.