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    flash loader reappears after movie plays

      i am new to flash and cannot figure this out!!! it's probably super simple... i have created a loader with progress bar and it seems to work fine, but after my movie finishes playing the loader screen with progress bar reappears at the end. how can i make it go away? here's the actionscript i have so far:

      loader.contentPath = "ice.worlds.2.swf";
      loader.autoLoad = false;
      pbar.setStyle("themeColor", "0x00AEEF");
      pbar.setStyle("color", "0xCCCCCC");
      pbar.setStyle("fontFamily", "verdana");
      pbar.setStyle("fontSize", 10);
      pbar.source = loader;
      pbar.mode = "polled";

      thanks in advance for your help!