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    get the same with Dreamweaver

    ModularG2 Level 1
      Hello everebody. I am an all new member so please don't shout at me :o)

      I own Fireworks and Dreamweaver CS3.
      I designed some pages for my website (just text and pics). I now want to get all the elements (same location + letters + colors etc. of what I have in fireworks).

      So I export HTML code ( HTML + pics) in a file.
      In this file, I get 4 documents : (CSS, HTML, PNG and Jscript).

      How to do to open those files and get what I have in fireworks?

      Thank you for your help in advance.
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          pixlor Level 4

          Do you mean that you made a design in Fireworks, exported the code, and now want to open that code in Dreamweaver?

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            ModularG2 Level 1
            Hello Lorraine,

            To sum up :
            I design a page in fireworks. This page contains text + pics + drawings in a certain position.
            My goal is to get this exact looking in dreamweaver.

            When I use the button "export the HTML code for dreamweaver, I get 4 different kind of files : CSS, HTML, JPG, Javascript.
            How/where to displace those files to get the same page as fireworks?
            Thank you in advance.
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              Silkrooster Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Ok, the html file is the default format that dreamweaver uses. This file is a text file that has tags in it that point to other files, basic formating, etc. The css file is also a text file that handles the formating for the html file. The jscript or javascript is a scripting language that automates your web browser. Finally png is an image format and happens to be the default file format for fireworks.
              Out of these files it is the html file that you want to open in dreamweaver. Whatever editing you do will be saved in that file. Dreamweaver can also open the css and javascript files if you need to edit those as well. Html and css are the two that you would most likely want to edit. The javascript is best left alone unless you know how to program with javascript.
              Edit: When you upload these files to your server make sure you include all of them or your site may not work properly.
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                ModularG2 Level 1
                That helps me a lot! Thank you very much for this answer...And previous answers too!