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    Wacom Driver Update 6.3.29-6 presenting problems with Photoshop


      Good afternoon. I own a Wacom Intus Pro Model: PTH-451 installed on the Windows operating system. It was fully functional without presenting any errors in the adobe programs. After the last update of Wacom to the driver 6.3.29-6 the tablet began to present problems. When pressing the pen on the table in Photoshop, it can be with Brush or Eraser, taking the eraser side of the pen as the tip, they drag the image instead of erasing or scratching the image being edited or drawn. NOTE: You must be zoomed in on the screen. If the display size is normal, it does not display this error. I sent an email to Wacom however they answered me with a lot of questions implying that the problem is physical rather than driver. Is anyone else experiencing this problem? Managed to solve?