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    Huion GT220v2 BUG: brush stroke turn into hand tool

    Farbr Level 1

      Hi, I'm using the Huion GT220v2 and I have this bug where everytime I do a vertical brush stroke, the brush is replcaced by the hand tool automatically. I tried to uncheck the windows ink and then it works but there's no pen pressure.

      How can I fix this please??? I've been trying to solve this for the last 3 hours (reinstalling the driver, restarting, chaning preferences, editing the pen flicks, uncheck and re-checking the windows ink checkbox) and nothing works!


      Did someone ran accross this problem and solved it maybe? I saw some threads about it here but some are un-answered or have answers that didn't solve my problem.



      Windows 10 Pro

      version: 1709

      OS Build: 16299.371

      Huion driver version: