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    Tools drag canvas vertical and horizontal




      When I opened Photoshop today I noticed something peculiar. Whenever I try to draw with the brush tool it drags the whole canvas vertical and horizontal. This happens with every tool I try to use and it doesn't matter if I restart the computer this problem comes back.

      When I open Photoshop it seems fine in the beginning but after I zoom in this problem arises.


      Everything was fine yesterday so I don't understand what has happened.


      The paint wont come out unless I hold the pen down on the Cintiq for at least 20 seconds and it's very slow.

      And yes I have Photoshop CC updated, my Nvidia driver is updated and my Cintiq 13HD is as well.


      Please help I'm getting desperate. I have so much work to do and I need it to work. Please please help.