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    Need link to download CS5


      Last Friday, April 6, 2018, we received assistance from Adobe technical support to install a trial version of Illustrator on our desktop.  The technician accessed our desktop remotely, and seemed to clean up our files so we could run Illustrator.  In the process, however, the version of Photoshop (CS5) we already had on our desktop was deleted/disabled, and we are no longer able to access Photoshop or any of the Photoshop files we had saved.

      We were informed by technical support that we need to request a reset link to download CS5 and reinstall it in our system.  We would like help with this right away so that we can continue using these files.


      (Contact information removed for security purposes. No one here is authorized to contact you at personal or business phone and email.)


      Thank you,

      David Tishbi Jewelry