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    12.1.0 - did it require projects update over 12.0.1?

    getho Level 2

      Trying to do some trouble shooting relating to plugins.  Did the 12.1.0 update require projects created in 12.0.1 to be updated before opening?

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          Stan Jones Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          In at least one thread, a user says they can open a 12.0.0 file in 12.0.1. However, I just opened a 12.0.1 in 12.1.0, and it converts. Then when I try to open that file in 12.0.1 (on another computer, you can't have both installed on one), it says it is from a newer version and can't  be opened.


          This is confirmed by looking at the prproj xml. 12.0.0 and 12.0.1 are version 34. 12.1.0 is version 35.


          BTW, when I installed 12.0.1 on my laptop for this testing (I did not have any version of 2018 there before), it left PR 2017, PR 2015, and PR CS6 (even though no "advanced" box is available any longer?), but installed Media Encoder 2018.1.0 and UNINSTALLED AME 2015 and 2017. The Cloud desktop shows AME 11.1.4, 12.0.0, and 12.0.1 as available to install now. The version of 2017 I had installed still had the dolby decode/encore available.


          Hard to predict what will install/uninstall...

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            Jim_Simon Level 9

            Yes.  Projects will need updating, and won't be compatible with older versions.