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    Missing Menu Items (Acrobat 11): You are a genius if you can solve this.

    bbnantn Level 1

      Under File | Save As Other ..., there are multiple options which appear as follows:


      Microsoft Word


      Microsoft powerpoint presentation



      HTML Web Page


      Reduced Size PDF

      Certified PDF

      Reader Extended PDf

      Optimized PDF


      Archivable PDF (PDF/A)

      Press-Ready PDF (PDF/X)

      More Options


      For whatever reason, sometimes every option is missing except the ones listed from Reduced Size PDF to Optimized PDF. This behavior occurs on 3 separate Windows 10 Pro computers which all use the same version of Acrobat which is 11.0.23. It occurs randomly. And we cannot figure out why this happens. What in the World could possibly be causing this?


      Here is a picture so you can see for yourself.