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    This Project is too old error

    garethl17824366 Level 1

      Have suffered what seems to be a pretty catastrophic loss to my Ch project, upon opening I get 'sorry, this project is too old to open in this version of the app (no git refs found with version information). I've had several messages during my attempts to fix the problem, all mentioning libgit2 and the like. I think the issue stems from the project living in my CC folder and from what I've read, this can cause issues if a component file becomes out of a sync.


      Have tried:


      Reinstalling Ch
      Rolling back to previous versions of the file (even my oldest version has the same problem)
      Disabling file sync


      Additionally, I'm getting the same After Effects dynamic link project error when trying to work with an Ae project that references the Ch file, as discussed here:

      AE cannot connect to CA dynamic link


      Would really appreciate any pointers on how I can recover my project!



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          I am having a similar issue. I have 8 project files that I created in the same week and there is only 1 that I cannot open.character_animator_errorcode.png

          One odd thing that it does, is that it opens the previously opened project file, and that previously opened file can vary. I have these all stored on a OneDrive synced local folder and I wonder if OneDrive has corrupted anything? I even zipped it the day I last worked on it, and unzipping the file yields the same error upon opening. How do I recover this project?