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    Star Shining Effect

    Sajid Attar Level 1

      Hi All

      can anyone help me to create the effect like below.






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          macpawel Adobe Community Professional

          You can use brush to prepare similar effect.

          Just find brush (assorted Brushes, Natural brushes, legacy brushes folder) with radiuses and click once to prepare star - you can use it some times

          Then use  another circular brush to add glow effect


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            master mo Adobe Community Professional

            This tutorial should help.


            Photoshop Tutorial :: Exploding Star - YouTube


            Good luck

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              davescm Adobe Community Professional



              Start with a black background and on a new layer make a circle in the centre with a soft brush and then enlarge the brush, reduce the opacity slightly, and make a lighter soft circle


              Add a new layer and set brush symmetry to New Dual Axis


              Go to the paths panel and change the name of the path to Radial Symmetry 10


              On a new layer add a single stroke from the centre outwards. The brush symmetry will make that 10 radiating strokes. Note if you are not using a pen & tablet pressure to control the width and the opacity then go to the brush panel and set the Size and opacity controls to Fade.


              Repeat the above a few times on new layers , each time changing the path name to say Radial Symmetry 8, or Radial Symmetry 3 to vary the number of radial strokes (the number can be between 2 and 12)


              Finally you can adjust the opacity of the radial layers and transform rotate each to get the effect you want






              I hope that helps you



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                Sajid Attar Level 1

                Thank you so much you all, this helped me a lot.