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    Weird wacom bug with Photoshop CC. Can't use the brush unless I right-click.

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      I am having the weirdest bug right now. I am using an Intuos Pro M and Photoshop CC. When I try to use the brush tool instead of painting a stroke, the behavior is to drag the canvas (like when you are using the hand tool). It only happens when I am using the wacom, so for example I can paint normally using the mouse. The only way for me to draw is to configure a pen button to be right-click and only when I press and hold the right-click button on the pen does the brush draw normally.


      I am going to make a listed summary of all the weird stuff that is happening.


      • When using the brush or erase tool with the pen, the canvas is dragged around instead of painting strokes.
      • If only happens with the wacom, the mouse works properly.
      • I can paint/erase with the pen only if I press and hold right-click with the pen.
      • It only happens on files after I use the zoom tool to zoom-in, that means when I open a file I can paint normally, then if I zoom in it starts behaving weirdly.
      • It happens in every file.
      • When the drag bug happens the Hand tool is not highlighted as selected, nor the mouse pointer changes to a hand, it just shows nothing.
      • EDIT breaking news: I tried with a Bamboo and it's also happening!


      Things I have already tried.

      1. Deleting and reinstalling the wacom drivers (currently using version 6.3.29-6)
      2. Installing an older driver (tried 6.3.29-3)
      3. Reinstalling Photoshop CC without keeping user preferences.

      I am attaching a gif file where you can see the behavior.

      • I create a new file
      • Draw normally
      • Switch to the zoom tool with Z and zoom in, drawing still works
      • Zoom in more
      • Drawing becomes dragging, but if I press and hold right click, I can draw

      Wacom Bug Photoshop CC.gif


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