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    Help ! Wacom scroll issues

    dabr��i89216476 Level 1

      Hello all,


      I have a really annoying issue with my tablet, When i try to use any item, it scroll to the left or right instead.

      Can't use any brush or tools.


      I was in CC2017, move then to 2018, delete the wacom driver and install them again, delete photoshop and re install too.

      Nothing works.


      In illustration the tablet seems to work but i can't find any solution.



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          davescm Adobe Community Professional


          Please search before posting. This has been answered several times today


          The latest windows update (KB4093112)  has caused an issue with the Wacom tablet and Photoshop.


          You can either - undo the update




          Do the following (recommended) :

          1. Use notepad to create a text file and type in :

          UseSystemStylus 0


          2. Save the file as PSUserConfig.txt in the following location
          C: > Users > Username > AppData > Roaming > Adobe > Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 > Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Settings


          3. Go to the  tablet properties and uncheck "Use Windows Ink"


          4. Restart Photoshop


          That is it - all should now work well (you need to do all the above steps to retain pen pressure)



          Note : There is a third option. Microsoft made this change intentionally and they have issued a way round it with registry change (see link below). However for  Photoshop the PSUserConfig method works.

          https://www.reddit.com/r/Windowsink/comments/8508fi/controlling_pen_behavior_in_windows_10 /



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            dabr��i89216476 Level 1

            Hello Dave !


            Thanks for your help , it's seems to work now.

            Sorry i didn't find others thread about this subject and loss hours of work.


            But it seems to be fine thanks to you !


            Have a good day,