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    Character's body will not move

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      I have checked this puppet's structure against other puppets, copied her layer order from other, working, puppets, but she won't move. Her head works, with head turner behavior, and the arms are draggable. She doesn't won't move her body when I am moving in the video screen. I'm sure it's something simple I have overlooked, but for the life of me, I can't figure out the problem.




      Thank you in advance for any help that can be provided.




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          Sorry, I cannot check out the file until I get home from work, but could you expand on what movement you are talking about? Dragers? Walk action? Etc.

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            Very strange. The link you shared I cannot download. On my ZIP files I get a "Download" link, but on yours I only get "preview" - could you check the permissions for the share link you provided?

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              Sorry about that. I changed the permission to “anyone with link can edit”. If that doesn’t work, I can try to figure something else.





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                Thanks for sharing the puppet. I was able to get it.  Here is my guess as to what you mean.  In your puppet, you have the left and right arms marked as independent groups (+Left arm and +Right arm). When you drag on the arm, it will move and stretch the arm but not move the body. If you turn off the independence (don't put a "+" in front, or click the crown to make it go away) then the arms are a part of the body, and will then move the body.


                If you want independent arms with body movement, you can put a dragger on the body and use the dragger. I think you will need to put the dragger on "doctor" (not the "body") for the "fixed" points to work correctly. (I don't understand why - but that is what worked for me.) But independent arms will not move the body.


                Some little suggestions - if you keep independence, you might want to shape the end of the arm to have more of a circle at the end instead of being so pointy - it makes the arm-to-body joint look more natural. (It gets a bit skinny there at times with your artwork.) You might also consider moving the arms to behind the coat so the joint is not visible.... but that would mean the hands cannot move in front of the body. So it starts getting tricky to get it just right.



                On the other hand, if you remove the independence, you might want to draw the arms more out sideways (but not as far as the letter T above) so the arms don't touch the body as much. At the moment the arm when not independent is "stuck" to the side of the body a fair bit. If a problem, consider angling the arm out a bit more to avoid "under arm problems".



                Note: There is no right and wrong here - it depends how you want the puppet to behave. So these are just suggestions if its not doing what you want. If you don't want much arm movement, the puppet you have may be better.


                PS: I loved the stethoscope and dangles! Because it is a disjoint object (where it goes behind the neck), you cannot use contour, but the rectangle seems to look fine in this case. (If you do want a contour mesh, I would suggest creating separate layers for the two halves of the stethoscope so they are contiguous. But frankly I think what you have looks good already.)