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    Arms detached after update

    slavenas73077582 Level 1

      Hey there!


      After the update of Character Animator, the arms of some of my puppets became detached from their bodies,

      even if in Rig mode everything looks the same as before.

      In one of the puppets, that has 3 views (Frontal, Left Profile and Right profile) the arms in Frontal and Left Profile became detached, but the Right profile is working properly like before. I tried deleting the old rigs and doing it again but it doesn't work, they can't be attached.

      In one of the puppets, when I changed the attach style from Hinge to Weld, the arms became attached again, but it didn't work for the other puppets.

      And this only worked after doing it several times with no result.

      What do you think? Please tell me, if you had the same problem!