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    8.01 WSDL generation: Seems like a bug (Changes Case)

      I am not sure why this is happening but there there seem to be a change in the way coldfusion is auto-generating a WSDL form a cfc file in 8.01. The WSDL generated from 8.01 seem to be Changing the 'Case' of the properties /Methods contained . which is not a Problem in CF exposed Apps but does cause a lot of headache integrating into Java based app Clients. As the lower to upper and upper to lower case change seem to make the java App client interperate the properties in the WSDL incorrectly due to its Case Sensitive nature.

      Has anyone Experienced this or can anyone point to where the WSDL generation could be fine tuned further..

      The behavior can be simulated by having the same cfc WSDL exposed in 8.0 and 8.1 environments and by looking at the WSDL generated. Even after Clearing the Cache (cfc-skeletons & cfclasses folder) & Restarting the Service The WSDL seem be displayed with methods and properties having a different case when WSDL is Compared.

      Any help or direction to look to would be appreciated