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    Multiple Languages...

      Hi, all!

      Newbie here again! I am brand new to RH HTML, and have not started a test project yet. I hope to do that this week. My planned outputs are WebHelp, PDF/printed doc, and possibly HTML Help.

      I have looked throughout support and have seen some information but not everything I need about multiple language-versions of help.

      I am looking for the process to manage development of translated help. I know RH 7 can handle unicode, and the way to create combined TOC entries in several languages--although that doesn't seem practical to me! I saw a topic (started by Kathy McIntyre) about importing translated topics...

      My assumed process is that the English version of help content will be developed/updated first, and then Word/rtf files will be sent to translators who *do not use* RH. Do I use a single project file for each help "chapter" and tag languages as output targets? Do I create a chapter project for English and the same chapter project for every other language in a separate directory? How do I split the translated content into topics when I don't speak the language? How do I do "version control" to ensure that each language is updated each release?

      I have never been involved in a multi-language development effort and so I have no experience to relate this to. Any guidance will be greatly (and gratefully ) appreciated!