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    Lightroom Classic Glitch?

    scubaraven Level 1

      So when I'm editing my raw photos, after deleting an image, the next image is displayed, though I cannot edit it in any way without physically clicking on it's thumbnail first. How frustrating when quickly editing and removing bad shots from my collection! Anyone else experiencing this?



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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          I am not sure I understand why your would Edit then delete a photo, except maybe if you decide it is not worth keeping even with edits.

          I do not see the same "glitch" happening with my install of Classic 7.3 in Windows.

          Can I suggest that you try a different workflow. eg. Use the Reject Flag X on the unwanted file and then move to next with cursor keys. Any, and all, rejected files can be deleted later with one keyboard shortcut.


          And a reset of the preferences file can often cure a 'glitch' Resetting Preferences in Lightroom CC/6

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