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    Any better ideas on the PNG issue?


      Previously I had some issues with PNG files (probably due to bugs in the software).

      My project appeared like this:

      Screen Shot 2018-04-12 at 11.17.16.png

      I solved the problem by exporting this as a XML file, then import this file to a previous version of PP and it works fine for me!


      Good point is that it works! And basically the sequence remains the same, you don't have to do everything over again.

      However, the down point of this method is all my effects, masks and frame holds are gone and I gotta fix them manually.

      Also, 2 video tracks of mine disappeared (while they still appeared in the original PP file), I just don't know why :/


      Any better ideas that work?


      P/s: The the newest version of PP is on my Mac and I used my Window PC with an earlier version to tackle the problem.