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    Good Bye Adobe Lightroom


      It is just a catastrophy.

      I tried one hour to convert the Lightroom CC trial version into a perpetual licensed Lightroom 6 version without any chance to get the form to enter the serial number by any means.

      The trial download does not install on Mac OS X 10.13.4 due to enhanced security mechanisms besides the application still being a 32bit version, which is outdated and the latest version is apparently 6.11 and not 6.14.


      So if Adobe wants to force me into Creative Cloud Abbonement, I can only say: NO.


      I just accept Lightroom 6.8 crashing once in a while until Luminar 2018 has hopefully a catalog feature soon this year.


      And than: GOOD BYE ADOBE.

      I don't want your damn Creative Cloud, no extra abbonement, no extra account.

      I will happily destroy ALL damn Adobe software on my Mac and go with Luminar and Pixelmator happily instead of Lightroom and Photoshop. Yes.


      Just waiting for Luminar with Catalogue feature. Yes.

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          John Waller Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          Just waiting for Luminar with Catalogue feature. Yes.

          Me too.


          A DAM for Luminar sounds fascinating if it's half as good as they're teasing it will be.

          New Luminar 2018 for Mac & PC. | Skylum Blog (ex-Macphun)


          "We're working on a fantastic digital asset manager ("DAM") which will work like magic with the hard drives you already own and with any cloud storage platform you want to use. You’ll even be able to run it along with your LR library to compare both DAMs side by side and choose the one that works best for you. "


          Will work with both hard drives AND Cloud storage? Sounds great, if it works.


          Hopefully it will allow connection by more than one computer at the same time too - a major downfall of Lightroom in my view.


          Be equally as good to see how Adobe responds - which they no doubt will. Nothing like some good competition to spur on some more innovation. Can only be of benefit to us end users.

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            Agree 100%. As soon as the competition gets up to speed, Adobe goes out the window. Luminar replaces Lightroom and Affinity Photo replaces Photoshop. Who knows, maybe some day Adobe will starting showing some respect for customers?