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    flash slideshow autoplay problem

      I created a slide show which needs to autoplay when it is loaded. Problem is, the play button is still active instead of the pause button. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks
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          Shandy Elliott Level 1
          Not enough information. Can you show an example? What did you use to make the slide show?
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            o2s Level 1
            Created in flash cs3 based on slideshow template.

            By altering the following line I was able to get the slideshow to autoplay.
            autoplayStatus = 1; in mc controller action script

            Unfortunately the default setting for the buttons: play and pause buttons are now incorrect. I cannot seem to locate the initial settings for these controls.
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              Shandy Elliott Level 1
              It's related to

              function hideControls () {

              which is called upon by

              function autoplayInit () {
              startTime = getTimer();

              which I'm assuming is called upon by the beginning of the slide show (when it's initialized). All this code means little without seeing the time line. Since there are references to other frames in your code, I would need to see what's going on in those other frames that might be causing the problem.
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                o2s Level 1

                I have finally resolved the issue with the following steps in the actions script.

                ****At the bottom of mc, controller note the following:
                ****to make the slide show autoplay, change autoplayStatus = 1 from 0
                ****add autoplayInit()
                autoplayStatus = 1;
                //autoplayStatus = 0;
                autoplayInit(); //20080817 added

                ****for the button problem, since the pause must now precede the play button,
                click on mc, autoplay, go to the button layer, highlight the two btn frames, right click and chose Reverse Frames
                expand mc, autoplay and click on [btn, pause] and replace prevFrame(); with nextFrame(); see below

                on (release) {
                _parent.autoplayStatus = 0;

                click on [btn, play] and replace nextFrame(); with prevFrame(); see below
                on (release) {
                _parent.autoplayStatus = 1;