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    help solving error ERROR#2121(Security exception)

    rauniyar_dinesh Level 1
      hi genius people there,
      a security error is eatin me up since a couple of days. i m workin on designing a MP3 player. All i have done is made 3 classes: Controller,Player and Songs. The Songs class loads a song and extracts its ID3 tags and sets the corresponding property of the class. the Controller class calls the Song class functions and does all controlling jobs.

      now when i try linking the Controller class with a blank FLA (i.e contains nothing) my code works fine. But as i try using it with Fla containig movieClip, i get the following Error.

      SecurityError: Error #2121: Security sandbox violation: Sound.id3: app:/phase3.swf cannot access . This may be worked around by calling Security.allowDomain.
      at flash.media::Sound/get id3()
      at Song/getTags()[D:\Flash Projects\MP3 player\phase3\Song.as:55]

      i thought my movie clip might be loopin and thus tryin to call the id3 tags a multiple no of times(mark it: my movie clip is not calling any function related to ID3 tags or songs they were just for decoration things. still i thought as they were in parallel time frame.) i removed the movie clip and again it worked fine.
      Now i have 2 List components,one self made Button and few dynamic text boxes. now if i try debugging it(shift+ctrl+enter), i get the same above error. If i try debugging a number of time (approx 10-12 times), the code works but in next run again the same problem. i dont understand if there was some bug then it would not run a single time too but after a lot of try it works. i end up thinkin if theres a bug in AIR itself .

      plz help me out of this. if its AIR flaw plz let me know and tell me where should i post this comment

      desperately seekin for help

      would worship u if u could help me out of this