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    My tablet won't work with Adobe Photoshop CS6

    JuliaRose1990 Level 1

      I recently got a Parblo A610 and started using it. It works okay in Paint Tool Sai but I decided to give Adobe Photoshop a try. It worked for the first few minutes but then it started glitching and wouldn't let me draw. I uninstalled the tablet drivers and reinstalled them and then it started working just fine for the remainder of the time I was on. I shut down my computer (but I closed Photoshop beforehand so it wouldn't be corrupted), but when I logged back on the next morning, it was back to where it was before. It wouldn't let me draw or erase with my pen. Whenever I move the pen across my drawing tablet, instead of drawing, it moved the bar up and down but didn't move the canvas. The express keys are also not working with Photoshop. Is there any way to fix this?