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    LR Classic CC 7.3, Second Monitor shows only green previews


      Using Lightroom Classic CC 7.3 with two monitors, Windows 10, 1-year old Lenovo desktop. Everything was working perfectly until today. Screenshots below show the problem. On the right is the main working screen. On the left is the secondary display. The last screenshot shows there is nothing wrong with the display itself; the problem is Lightroom's, and it is a new problem. I can't find where anyone else has asked about this. I tried disabling the graphics card & restarting. I tried restarting and resetting all preferences to factory defaults. Neither approach helped. I rebooted the whole computer. No change. I really need the second monitor for my workflow.

      Screenshot (1).png

      Screenshot (2).png

      Screenshot (3).png

      Screenshot (4).png

      This last screenshot is to show that the second monitor is working fine, just not with Lightroom.

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          WobertC Adobe Community Professional

          just not with Lightroom.

          Lightroom is always very particular that the Monitor profile is correct and compatible, unlike most other software.

          One suggestion-

          A Windows automatic update may have changed the default monitor profile.

          Check your Color Management.

          You can test with a default sRGB profile as per here- https://www.lightroomqueen.com/how-do-i-change-my-monitor-profile-to-check-whether-its-cor rupted/

          Better still would be a Screen Calibrator device. (Spyder, ColorMunki, etc)


          And, have you tried it with the GPU acceleration [Use Graphics Processor]  both on and off in the Performance tab of Preferences?

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            Chuck_893 Level 1

            WobertC, thanks for your reply. I check calibration on both monitors every month with a high-end Spyder 5 Elite Plus. Both had just been checked April 1, but at your suggestion I just now totally recalibrated the second monitor. There was no change. I had (I thought) disabled the graphics processor before, but I figured since nothing else was working to try it again. Well, this time it worked. With the graphics processor disabled the previews on the second monitor are once again normal color. Maybe the first time I forgot to restart LR (I was pretty sure I had but since it didn't work the first time maybe I didn't).


            I'm sure it had to have been triggered by a recent update, either of Windows or Lightroom, and more likely Windows since I had upgraded LR to 7.3 a month ago and everything had been working fine until suddenly it wasn't.


            I don't know if performance will suffer with the graphics processor off but I am really glad I can see the previews on my second monitor again. I usually keep it in compare or survey view while working so I can see at a glance the changes.


            THANKS AGAIN!