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    Creating Content Sensitive Help

      I apologize if this is a redundant message but, last time I posted, I was re-directed and don't know if my post went through.

      I have imported my Frame book(8) into RoboHelp HTML (7). Essentially, I currently have stand alone help. My aim is to have application help and to make my help contenxt sensitive. On that note, I used the on-line help (in Robohelp) and it suggested that you/ I create "a marker called "Topic Alias" and put it in my source docs before brining into Robohelp.

      As a test, I went back to my source docs (chapter 1) specifically and, I added a " Topic Alias" marker to my first topic sentence/ Heading 1. When I opened up Robohelp HTML (Webhelp) and imported my whole book, I was able to generate the TOC and see my stand alone help files. When I went into the WYSIWYG pane and looked at my first topic in chapter one, it contained the TOC marker but no marker for "Topic Alias" (as created in framemaker). Are these necessary for generating content sensitve help?

      Any feedback wpould be greatly appreciated.


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          AJ Owens Level 1
          For context-sensitive help, the topic alias you added in Frame is not included in the HTML topic. Instead, it is associated with the topic using an alias file. The alias file contains the topic alias marker and the name of the associated HTML file.

          The topic alias marker is also associated with the application using a separate map file. The map file contains a number associated with the dialog box or field, and the topic alias for the help topic that documents the dialog box or field,

          The alias file is created automatically when you generate context-sensitive help output. The map file must be prepared separately. Usually the map file is provided by the developers.