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    Clips unrendered over night

    DennisJa Level 1

      Last night I needed to render a 22 minute video in order to properly edit and reduce the insane lag. The entire thing took over 4 hours, it was super late at night so I save 2 copies of my sequence before bed so I can edit first thing in the morning.


      I get up and the thing is unrendered again without me touching anything. This is insane is this a normal thing with premiere pro? If not how can I fix this? I can't wait 4 hours a day just to start editing. I have to resort to rendering sections which is destroying my work flow right now

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          Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

          Hi DennisJa,

          That is frustrating. Did you render to network drives? Are the drives set to sleep at any point? Something happened with your system after you walked away, but you'll have to figure out what it was and correct it.


          Sometimes closing the program and then opening it again can restore preview files, I have found. Please try that.