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    Truncated Titles for Duplicate Images

    Jammer Jammer Level 1

      After editing an image, I will frequently duplicate the image and make changes like adding a watermark or resizing or whatever.  When I do this, I will typically change the name to something that will clue me into how the image is different for instance, Image So and So-Watermarked.


      For YEARS when I've done that and then saved the image, it would of course save with the name that I gave it when I duplicated it.  Well, I must have inadvertently done SOMETHING to change that.  Now when I save a duplicated image, it only saves somewhere around the first 8 characters of the title that I had given it, truncating the remainder of the title.  This is so odd I'm not so sure anyone can help me out but figured I'd give it a try.  I'm still using CS 5.