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    3d Revolution of a 2d object around a globe

    kartika8839101 Level 1

      hey guys, i'm working on a project which demands a car to revolve around globe, but the car should revolve around it in a 3d perspective, though it's a 2d car made of strokes. i succesfully made it to revolve around it in a 3d orbit, but could'nt made the car look like it's also rotating in 3d itself. here is the screenshot of a reference. As in the reference, rocket is orbiting as a 3d object itself, and has every angle of it, which i guess not possible in case of ae 2d objects. So i think it can be done frame by frame animation in Flash ? pls do let me know how it can be done...


      Screenshot (44).pngScreenshot (40).pngScreenshot (41).pngScreenshot (43).png