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    Is there any way to add responsive height to text boxes?


      Hi Everyone!


      I'm new to Muse. Just started to use (learn) a month ago.

      I have learned many things and tricks in Muse to use it smoothly, but I face a problem.


      In my very first project in desktop view I've made 4 boxes with text and image alternatly. My project is 1080px width but it is full responsible to 100% width of a browser.

      When breakepoint goes over 1080px image is full responsive and resize correctly, but text just stays in top of the box. All of you agree that cannot be acceptable.


      My question is - Is there any 3rd party widget that support FULL responsive for text or some kind of trick to do that?
      I've searched for widget from QooQee.com, but I have problems to connect to their site. I cannot reach server. Are they still supporting muse widget or not? I consider to buy full access to their widget, but that cost over 100$ and I'm a bit aware that I cannot access to their site and those widget cannot work correctly for me.


      @EDIT: I cannot reach QooQee.com because of my DNS settings. Now it is working fine.


      See photos below.