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    Printing to Epson SC-P800 from Photoshop CC - Colour Problems




      I am having problems with colour when I print from Photoshop CC to an Epson SC-P800. The printer is brand new, and is performing perfectly. If I print from other applications the prints are good, but when I try to print from PS using Photoshop to manage the colour the print colours are wrong (washed out/desaturated). My thoughts are that there is some conflict between the Printer and photoshops colour management but I think I am following the correct process and the printer properties are showing Mode Off (no colour adjustment) which I presume is telling me that the printers colour management is off.  I must be doing something wrong but I cannot see it. I hope that someone can help because I am pulling my hair out.  For information (if relevant) the computer is also new and the operating system is Windows 7 (64 bit). My screen is calibrated with an i1 display pro and I am printing to Epson Papers using the standard Epson profiles (in this case Premium Lustre). I have checked with Epson that I am using the correct driver, but they have not been able to help further.


      I have attached a screenshot of the Photoshop settings I am using.


      Thanks very much for giving this your attention