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    Save as makes the file size bigger then export as ... why?


      Since I've updated my photoshop CC, something weird is going on when exporting small images (or any image at all)

      I've got this icon with a transparent background with the current values:

           - Width 166 pixels

           - Height 166 pixels

           - RGB 8bit

           - Transparency


      When I save the file as a .png via save as (ctrl+shift+s), the file size is 8.5mb....When doing the same proces but then using the export as (ctrl+alt+shift+w) and only click png, the file size is 16kb


      I've never had this issue before and I'm pretty sure it has something to do with my photoshop settings or photoshop itself since the update...

      The funny thing is that it doesnt only happen when saving it as a .png, also when saving it as .jpg


      If anyone knows what might be the issue, I'm dying for an answer.


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          JJMack Most Valuable Participant

          File size depends on what is saved.  Image file can have Pixel data and metadata and has format related data.  File formats very and what is can be save in different image file format vary.   Metadata can be striped in PNG and Encoding pixel there are options. Different data compression and no data compression will produce different size. Metadata normally is a small amount of data but can be massive or striped.  The Should be no loss of data saved  when the File is decoded with image and data  in memory should be the same as the image and data saved.   You only have a problem if you are loosing something you are not trying to loose like metadata or image quality.

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            robertv24926523 Level 1

            Hi JJMack,


            Thank you for the reaction.

            You're right... it's the metadata that was causing the issue.

            My normal approach is that I'm having different layers in a group, when collapsing the layers IN the group, the metadata will be stored in the layer itself.

            When collapsing the layers together WITH the group, the metadata will be "resetted".. not sure why tho..



            problem is fixed, I just need to start collapsing layers with the group instead of without.

            I'm pretty sure this got changed in the update or something, because normally I never had to do this.