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    Zooming in causes Wacom Pen to be stuck in Move mode and can no longer draw

    keithm12552301 Level 1



      So I have run into an issue where anytime I zoom into my document the pen tool acts like the Hand tool and I can no longer draw. The symbol stays like the brush tool but all I can do is move my document and I cannot draw anymore. Sometimes when I zoom out showing the entire document I can draw again. Closing Photoshop and re-opening the document allows me to draw again but the second I zoom in I can't draw anymore using the pen. Using the zoom Tool, pressing CTRL + and the scroll wheel have the same effect.


      Sometimes it lets be draw horizontally but not vertically.


      Things I've done:

      Reset Wacom driver.

      Restored Wacom to factory settings.

      Changed brushes

      Reset brushes



      Any help on this would be great.


      Wacom Driver - 6.3.29-6

      Photoshop Version - 19.1.3

      Graphic's card is updated to latest 391.33