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    flash guestbook question

      First off, I am using all CS3 software (Flash, Dreamweaver, etc) and PHP 5 and MySQL 5.

      Now I have a website that works as i want it to so far (it is in flash)

      I also have a Flash guestbook that uses PHP and MySQL and it works fine independently.

      I want to be able to put the guestbook swf inside of a box on the flash website so that when the user clicks a link it opens the guestbook inside the website. . Can anyone tell me how to do this. I tried a a simple link button with an actionscript which I included. It is funny, because it acts like the guestbook is loading, but not playing.
      Now, I don;t know if it makes a difference, but I noticed that n each one of my swf files for the website, there is a 'loader' layer, but in the guestbook there is no 'loader' layer.