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    Can't draw after Lenovo update

    CarlosVenator Level 1

      Hello, my name is Carlos.


      Photoshop CC has always worked perfectly until yesterday, when I accepted to make an update of Lenovo (PD Firmware Update Utility, version 1.3). Right after that, I wanted to draw with my pen, but instead of painting strokes, it dragged the canvas around...


      I realize this is *not* Photoshop's fault, but Lenovo's. Lenovo would fix the problem, but I won't get my computer back until within a month. I'm a professional illustrator so my income depends on this. Lenovo said that you could perhaps provide me with a "patch", so I could use Photoshop again despite Lenovo's faulty update.


      I would greatly appreciate if you could help me, as soon as possible.


      Best regards,