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    Does not prepare the edit Tiff/PSD for editing in Photoshop Classic 2018 version




      Until the end of the last week, everything was in order when suddenly the dialogue box ' Edit in Photoshop with LR corrections?' disappeared from the version 7.3. The system slowed down and I reverted back to 7.2. No success. At the other end is the Photoshop Classic version 2018 19.1.2 that displays the Raw file as it is without any correction effected on the LR.


      After much deliberations with the Adobe representative, (he earlier insisted that it is not even a problem. I can go to the Raw Editor, tweak the file, open it in photoshop, save as TIFF and then open in LR for further corrections. I have not heard a more stupid suggestion in my entire life) he agreed that there is a problem finally.

      Since then he has been hunting for resources to set this phenomenon to normalcy.


      Meanwhile, since I could not sleep well like Adobe during the long weekends, I reverted back to the 2017 version of Photoshop CC that promptly shook hand with the LR and the dialogue box reappeared.


      The moral of the story for me is a dialogue from an old movie Hard Target'. " I have been looking for you Boudreaux all over the place ", says the villain and Van-damme respond " Well, you were looking at the wrong places ".