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    lightroom cc not recognizing .cr2 but does .ORF


      I updated to lightroom cc photography plan last week to accommodate my .ORF files and it did.

      But most of my files are .CR2 raw files and lightroom doesn't recognizes this extension.

      I seems to import and than disappears .

      No forum has addressed this problem that I can find .

      MI have a mac high sierra in case that matters.

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          Just Shoot Me Adobe Community Professional

          If you have a Photography plan subscription and you are running LR CC 2015 then you are Way Behind the times as far as LR updates/upgrades.


          The Traditional version of LR is now up to LR Classic CC V7.3 and will see all Canon CR2 files.


          So lets start with what exact version of LR you are running.

          In LR go to the help menu and select System Info. Copy and paste the first 5 lines from the dialog box that comes up into a reply to this discussion.