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    Photoshop pans when i try to paint with wacom


      When using my Wacom Intuos Pro Small tablet PTH-451 when i am zoomed in so that scrolling is possible, the tip of the pen will only pan/scroll rather than paint and it's really laggy. When zoomed out it works as expected and isn't laggy.

      I'm on windows 10, both programs are up to date, as is win10. I viewed other posts with people having similar problems, but their fixes didn't work for me. I've added PSUserConfig.txt to 'AppData\Roaming\Adobe\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018\Adobe Photoshop CC 2018 Settings' folder with this text in it:

      # Use WinTab
      UsesystemStylus 0

      I didn't notice a difference.

      I also unchecked 'Use Windows Ink' in my Wacom Tablet Properties, this fixes the problem but then photoshop doesn't receive pressure sensitivity (even when pressure compatibility is enabled in the options)


      I've uninstalled all wacom software and drivers and reinstalled them.

      I've Reset preferences on quit in photoshop.


      So I don't know what to do next to try to fix this.