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    Adobe Air install

      i am trying to install Adobe Air required to work with a web design templete
      i'm working on a mac powerbook g4 with 1.67 mhz, 10.4.9
      when i download, i get the .dmg file, and it says adobe air successfully installed
      but i can not locate the application or anything related
      what can i do?
      thanks so much
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          Scott McAllister Level 1
          hi susan

          So, you're looking for the AIR runtime that you installed? That will be in your /Applications/Utilities folder as Adobe AIR Application Installer.app, I believe.

          To make sure that AIR installed correctly find a .air application and try to install it. If it begins to install then you have AIR installed, if nothing happens then you'll need to try and install AIR again.

          Hope that helps,
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            lostlala Level 1
            hi scott
            thank you for your response, i was about to troll the internet to see what i can find out
            i have installed .air, and it says installation is successful
            in utilities there is an AIR installer and uninstaller
            where do i find the application?
            how do i find it and then open it?

            thank you
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              Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
              Applications are installed in /Applications, by default. But, just to be clear, it's the application you've installed that'll be found there--not AIR itself. AIR isn't the application; it just makes them work.

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                lostlala Level 1
                i thank you all for your help, your answers helped
                Oliver, are we related, that's my last name too
                the answer to the issue is safari vs firefox
                i love safari except for when i don't
                thanks folks