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    ACR - "Apply Favorite Preset"

    Mark_Weidman Level 1

      Running the most current versions of Adobe Photoshop CC 2018.  When I open a RAW photo file in Adobe Camera Raw (v10.3.0.933), the fly out menu for “Apply Favorite Preset” is greyed out; ie not available.  If I select “Load Settings” I can see all of my previously saved Presets.  Exactly how or what do I do so all of those previously saved Presets are available through the “Apply Favorite Preset” menu?  Thanks for any & all suggestions.  Mark W.

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          FyreNight Level 1

          I put a call into adobe and got an answer.


          on the main ACR screen there are 10 mini tabs for different settings; Basic, Tone Curve, Detail.... and Presets.


          Click the Presets tab, make sure your custom presets are saved in the settings folder and show up under "User Presets" then just click the STAR next to the presets you want to have on hand from the dropdown menu like before and they will show up in your "Apply Favorite Presets"

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            Mark_Weidman Level 1

            Thanks for sharing this procedure, which works perfectly.  I have been waiting two days for a response from Adobe on this issue .....  Mark W.