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    Videos Not Playing




      I have been using Premiere Pro for the first time over this past week. My experience started out in a good place, but has been very frustrating over the last two days. I'm creating a short film project. After importing some of the footage I'm using, I was able to use all of Premiere Pro's features no problem. Everything was great. Last night I imported the remainder of my footage. Since that point, every time that I try to play a video, nothing happens. I can see a preview of the frame I'm looking at in both the Source and Program windows. Everything looks as if it's working fine, except when I hit Play, nothing happens. The Play buttons switches from the arrow to the box, but no change to the image.



      I have tried restarting my computer, uninstalling and reinstalling Premiere Pro, and changing the Renderer from GPU acceleration to Software only. All the tech specs on my computer meet Premiere Pro requirements. There's tons of extra memory. I can't seem to find what the issue is! I've been scouring other discussion forums to see if anything else will help, but nothing has thus far.


      Any ideas or suggestions?