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    Develop Presets Refresh

    DrSniffy Level 2

      Hi, I've spent a bunch of time searching everywhere for an answer, so apologies if this has been covered hundreds of times.


      I decided to organise my Develop Presets in file explorer (I'm using the Windows version) thinking that was the best way. I'd read that Lightroom 'looks' at that presets folder to build the list in the program.


      However, when I go back into LR, the preset list is the same. So I tried deleting all the presets and the list still remains... I looked online and lots of answers seem to be "delete the presets in explorer and restart LR" but that doesn't seem to work (the only thing it did was say it was updating the XMP files). I also saw a Mac version guide which said you need to open the catalog package and there's XMP files that are actually the presets, but I can't see how it's possible to open that in Windows.


      I know I can right click each preset and delete it, and I believe there's a current feature request to right-click delete whole folders in LR, but is there a way of mass deleting them without having to start a new catalog?


      I'm about to have a look in Reg Edit to see if I can find where LR is keeping a copy of the presets, but I can't find them anywhere.


      Or, is there a way to selectively copy a catalog, like I want all the photos, adjustment brushes, export presets etc etc, but no develop presets?


      Thanks in advance for any help/tips!

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          DrSniffy Level 2

          Ignore me! I found the solution...


          There's a copy made to Camera Raw, so I had to delete those also for it to work.

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            DrSniffy Level 2

            I don't know if it's useful to anyone else... but what I also had to do was batch rename all the old presets to remove the ~ it adds to the filenames.


            When you then copy these back into Develop Presets, it re-converts them to XMP and re-adds the ~ to the files (so I made a copy of the no ~ version before opening lightroom). It then keeps all the folder structure as it was before.


            I don't know if I missed something, but what a pain if this is what you have to do if you decide to spring clean and reorganise your Preset folder!


            Message me if you need more details of my solution.

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              having a similar issue im trying to clean out life presets and add new ones but it does not seem to remove the deleted I removed from develop preset folder from the Lightroom application and when adding new ones it doesn't seem to update also