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    Passing custom variables?

      I need to pass a user ID (integer) to an adobe presenter page and then upon someone passing the quiz, I need to pass that user ID back to another page. I know that I can choose a pass or fail URL, but can I pass custom data between my front end app and presenter, and then get it back? I don't have SCORM support, nor do I know now to use that. Any help would be greatly appreciated!

      P.S. In the environment I am in, I can't use PHP Session Variables, or any great stuff like that. I have to transfer between 2 different servers, hence trying to use Presenter as the conduit for my session data.
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          catholicon Level 1
          Can you explain your use case in a little more detail? Ss far as I know Presenter won't pass on data it has received as input from some place at runtime to another page as parameter.
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            douglasdrury Level 1
            I have a user who logs in and is verified by a database. Their user ID is part of the database info that is read upon login.
            I need to pass that user ID to Presenter (running on another server) so that after the user finishes the quiz, Presenter will pass the user ID back to my code on the original server.

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              catholicon Level 1
              hmm....I think you would have guessed already that there is no straight-away solution to this.

              The only way I can think of right now is to use http://www.ostyn.com/standards/scorm/samples/scorm2004testwrapwrap.htm(download here).

              Check out this thread as well.

              The page won't fulfil your needs compeltely, but its just a js based html page which gets all the notifications that Presenter would have sent to a SCORM 2004 based LMS.

              Hence you can setup a system which launches this pages (and hence presenter inside it) with the login-id as parameter. Then on passing the quiz a piece of plugged in code (in SCORM emulator) can call back your original server with the login id and possibly the user grade.

              I have never tried it myself, but it should work out. Do share your experience.