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    Rendering Issues


      I'm reasonably new to After Effects CC, and time to learn EVERYTHING in order to be self sufficient with AE  right now, is very limited with my work schedule.


      I'm running Windows 10 and have five different templates I'll be using for five different pending videos I wish to create with AE. I've attached a screenshot of each composition in the render queue, needed in the project I'm currently working with. I have two questions along with explanations/descriptions of the why and how etc.

      1. Re: OUTPUT SOURCE. As you'll see as per the first three compositions, they each have their own extension and folder to be saved to HOWEVER, my past attempts of rendering this project (I've restarted 7 times and same unwanted outcome) had me with 67 .avi files per composition. Keep in mind I have successfully rendered one full project into a movie but now, I can't remember how I did it all. So how do I create the correct output source settings so when it comes to rendering it (sending it to AME) I will have the movie I wish to have in one piece AS A MOVIE.. not 67 pieces or 'avi'?


      2 The same as above, when I've saved the project then have the project sent to Adobe Media Encoder, I find all 67 compositions/layers render individually.. how and why does this happen and what can I do to prevent this happening?


      I need to make 5 more videos over the next two days for work related matters but simply need solutions to the questions asked asap. Yes, I've done my research, and watched rendering videos but, none seem to be applicable to my situation.


      I appreciate every ounce of assistance with this, thanks.




      Screenshot (19).png

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Certain legacy CoDecs have file size limits plus you may have simply turned on filoe segmentation in the render settings. Check this stuff.



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            Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

            As Mylenium has suggested, goto AE's Preferences Panel and select the Output section to disable sequence/movie segmentation.


            There is also the BIG QUESTION of why you are rendering to the AVI format - plus, the default AVI is uncompressed and this means very large files.


            What are you intending to do with rendered movies?

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              donnas42575648 Level 1

              Thank you, I'll check that out.

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                donnas42575648 Level 1

                Yes, I'm about to check that out now in the settings.

                2. It (they) will be used for promotional videos (with audio) for a client who has 5 upcoming fashion events for 2018/2019 (one of them requires two) and will be posted on his FB groups, page and sent to his investors. In short, he gets paid top dollar, I get paid handsomely also.


                As for WHY I'm editing them as AVI files.. believe it or not.. when I sought help from Adobe Support Chat via Remote.. they (2) said my settings are just fine.... it didn't seem right to me however, when I googled for solutions, looked up potential and viable solutions in the forums not a darn thing.. I know I need to take more time to completely learn After Effects 100% and I will, its just flippen time that I don't have the luxury of right now and it's frustrating because I'm the kind of person where I REALLY hate asking for help unless I have to lol.. clearly, this is one of those times..

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                  donnas42575648 Level 1

                  Heads up: I did as y'all suggested and this is what I'm dealing with:

                  Screenshot (20).png

                  Will keep trying to see what I can resolve from this crap.

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                    Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

                    First off; no one dead or alive "knows AE 100%". But you seem determined ... I shall not derail you. ;-)

                    There's just so much to know, to try, test and perfect.


                    You've not reported back if you're still getting a bunch of movies instead of just one, for a single composition, at the end of your render(s).


                    You should also check with your client on their expected delivery format; and this includes the architecture/container/format and CODEC and its bitrate settings, for both video and audio. If they're going to upload the video to Youtube, they will likely have a concern with filesizes; for the time it will take to upload each and every file.

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                      donnas42575648 Level 1

                      Roland Kahlenberg  Determined.. HARD HEADED yes lol.

                      I've already rendered ONE video successfully and not a problem however, I just checked and it was saved as an avi (yes it took the usual.. FOREVER to render) My client is fashion, and luxury minded not software savvy. He's very understanding and treats me like family now BUT when he has $200m in investment pending (I get a very small but healthy portion as payment being his PR) he knows I can do it, and believes in me as I've never failed him or my other clients but this situation is nuts and I'm trying to figure out how to create a video without all the crud I'm experiencing.


                      As you'll see from the screenshot, I did mostly as instructed but came across a hurdle, not knowing exactly where I should 'disable' ... I believe that is likely to be the overall cause of my issue but, how to fix this, is baffling me.

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                        Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

                        Your screen grab shows that segmentation is off. Are you still getting numerous movies from a single composition?

                        If you are then  I suggest you reset your preferences.

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                          donnas42575648 Level 1

                          Hopefully this best describes it: I'm getting rendered videos of every darn thing. For example: I may have 12 Description layers... 12 images .. I'll get 24 individual videos!!

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                            Roland Kahlenberg Adobe Community Professional

                            What you have described, based on your settings, is an unexpected result - good enough to warrant a Bug Report. But before you do so, please provide screengrabs of the following -

                            1) Timeline

                            2) Composition Settings

                            3) Render Settings Dialog

                            4) Output Settings Dialog

                            AND, did you reset your Preferences files?