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    FCM Plugin

    roddy p.c56276995

      I am having trouble creating an IPA file, with the FCM Plugin, and GoogleService-Info.plist"


      From the log, I see this:


           Installing "cordova-plugin-fcm" at "2.1.2" for ios

           Error during processing of action! Attempting to revert...

           Failed to install 'cordova-plugin-fcm': Error


      What gets my attention is this at the bottom:


           Uh oh!

           File already exists at destination "/private/project/Spiela/Resources/Resources/GoogleService-Info.plist" for resource file specified by plugin cordova-plugin-fcm in      iOS platform


      So it is failing because the file it needs is already there. Actually, the problem starts here:


           Updating resource files at ../../../../private/project

            copy resources/GoogleService-Info.plist ../../../../private/project/Spiela/Resources/resources/GoogleService-Info.plist (new file)


      What it is doing is taking the GoogleService-Info.plist I put in resources. It puts the file right where it should be. I make it clear in my config.xml file that I want that file:

              <platform name="ios">

                      <resource-file src="resources/GoogleService-Info.plist" />


      If I remove the line <resource-file src="resources/GoogleService-Info.plist" />, then the error disappears, and I am able to create the IPA file, but Apple rejects the IPA file because GoogleService-Info.plist is empty. I cannot get rid of the FCM plugin. SInce I don't have a Mac, my hands are tied.


      Can anyone help me? I know people have had problems with GoogleService-Info.plist before, and the FCM plugin, but those problems don't seem to resemble mine. I already clicked on rebuild several times, and it failed in all ocassions.