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    How to speed up RoboHelp

      I have inherited a RoboHelp project that is a couple of years old. It is a pretty simple (or at least it should be) help system, but for some reason everything is very slow. Just opening up the menu option for generating help (to view the generation settings) takes a couple of minutes (although sometimes it gets hung up and takes even longer). It has become increasingly worse over the past couple of years. I think there are a lot of files that are not needed. Is there a clean-up utility or some sort of way to know and delete the files that are not needed?

      Also, I came across a reference to JET COMPACT as a tool to use to help performance. I am not sure how I am supposed to use this tool. References have been made to the .CPD file which appears to be 2.8M.

      The generated help product has already been delivered to our customer, and we are just maintaining it now. So, naturally, I am very hesitant about making changes to the source code. The problem is really interferring with productivity, however. Since I need to be very cautious about the changes I make, I want to know what well-tested, error-free methods there are for making the RoboHelp project perform at a reasonable speed.