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    Manual Install

      The company I work for is interested in incorporating Adobe AIR, but in order to install the product we need to be able to watch what is being installed and where it is being installed. Preferably we would like to install it ourselves manually without an installer program, but we need to know what is being installed and where to install the program files. What do we need in order to make this happen? Are there any programs that will allow us to oversee the install?
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          Oliver Goldman Adobe Employee
          First, I should say that we don't support installing AIR in any way other than via the installer we provide. If you try this, you're on your own.

          That said—and I'm going to assume here you're on Windows—your question might be more about Windows Installer than AIR itself. Windows Installer, which the AIR installer uses, is based on an end-user-inspectable database (.msi file) that enumerates the files and registry keys installed. There are a couple of free tools available that can be used to inspect these files.