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    How to Make PDF default Adobe Acrobat X Pro instead of Adobe Reader DC


      Some stupid website I use regularly forced me to "update" my Reader to Adobe Reader DC, but I have a fully licensed full version of Adobe Acrobat X Pro. Unfortunately, I cannot seem to find any place to reset my default for opening PDF files back to Adobe Acrobat X Pro. When I go into Windows 10 settings and select Pro as the default instead of Reader DC, it does not change the icon, nor does it change the default action. I cannot uninstall Adobe Acrobat Reader DC because of websites I use that require it (unless you know of some way to trick them into beliving X Pro is OK), but I can't stand having PDF's opened with the Reader by default, and then I can't do anything with them, so need to manually open them from within X Pro. Any ideas or solutions would be a HUGE help. Thanks in advance for any help!!