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    New to RoboHelp, HTML Question

      Hi, I'm really new to RoboHelp so I could use some advice. I used a tab generator to create tabs in HTML, then under one of the tabs is a graphic. I'm suppose to make the graphic interactive, add some hot spots that lead to a .swf file, some rollovers, stuff like that. The graphic is under a tab in the html file. Can I edit the graphic in RoboHelp or should I do everything in Dreamweaver and import it. I've imported my first try of the html code and it came over fine however, there doesn't seem to be a separate way to edit the graphic. I wanted to ask before I spend hours on it and realize I can't do it in RoboHelp. That I need to do everything Dreamweaver before I bring it over. I hope my question is clear. Thank you.
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          Peter Grainge Adobe Community Professional
          Sounds like you want to create an image map.

          Insert | Image Map.

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            MergeThis Level 4
            ...after you've clicked on the graphic, I think.
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              Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
              Hi all

              For what it's worth, I inferred from reading this that Jan808 was wanting to actually edit the image from inside RoboHelp. As in launching an external image editor to tweak it somehow. And I can provide steps for setting this up if that's the case.

              But first I think Jan808 needs to come back and clarify exactly what is being expected.

              LOL, it will be interesting to see!

              Cheers all... Rick
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                Jan808 Level 1
                Clearly I might be out of my capabilities. Our customer wants to use RoboHelp to set up the data. I have a graphic that they would like me to make interactive for a lack of better terminology. I am just doing a sampling right now. When you click on certain areas of the graphic, things happen, ie. more info will be display. I didn't know if once I get the graphic into RoboHelp if I can set up the links and rollovers there or do I need to do it in another application such as Dreamweaver or Fireworks? I am practically totally unfamiliar with RoboHelp and am trying to learn several things at once. I hope this is clearer, probably not though. Thanks.
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                  Captiv8r Adobe Community Professional & MVP
                  Hi Jan808

                  Based on what you have said, it would appear my colleague Peter was spot on in his assessment. What was totally throwing me was the fact you said you wanted to "Edit the graphic in RoboHelp". Which seems to imply you want to open the image inside an image editor to change the way it looks. Perhaps change the colors around or otherwise make the image appear differently when you are finished.

                  I think what is further confusing the issue (at least for my reading and understanding of the question) is that you said you used a "Tab Generator" to create things. This typically means that you used some sort of application that spits out a menu that may be used. These normally consist of several different images and lots of JavaScript to make the menus work as you want. That's why I was hesitant to accept a simple Image Map was what you needed.

                  So it would seem that you simply have a single image on a HTML page and want it to do different things when you click different areas. Right? Assuming that's the case, you need to listen to Peter. An image map is the way to fly and I apologize for muddying the waters with my babbling.

                  Happy Wednesday all! Rick