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    Slow moving scroll bar and brush history switching tools.


      When I use the scroll bar in Photoshop, the entire image takes a few seconds to move. It's all fine if I use the hand tool, but every time I use the scrollbars I have to stop and wait.


      The brushes are acting differently- is this an update? Say I set a brush to size 10, paint a bit, change the size to size 30 paint a bit and then want to go back to size 10. Sometimes the shortcut made for that brush will have a tiny brush in the corner. Once I've clicked on the shortcut to go back to my size 10 brush I just used, it'll be a sort of dual brush, with completely altered presets. Likewise, if I wanted to use that size 10 brush for an eraser, it will switch me back to the brush tool from the eraser.
      I can't tell if it's a new feature, because there's the tiny brush/eraser symbols in the top corner, which suggests it is (in which case how do I turn that off?) or if there's a problem with my Photoshop- or even my computer, as the time on my computer also keeps changing to the wrong hour. I've reset it maybe three times in the last two days.


      Wacom Support have done all they can for me and so I'm looking elsewhere. I had other problems before this which were solved in turning off Windows Ink for all applications bar Photoshop, which needs it active. As soon as I did that, I was free of those problems and gained these ones. I dunno if that helps anyone with this mystery of mine!